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                                Wealth Management for High-Net-Worth Clients and an array of Multi-Family Office Solutions

                                Clarfeld offers industry-leading, innovative solutions designed for the complex needs of high-net-worth individuals, families and foundations.

                                Questions? Ask us.
                                Questions? Ask us.

                                As your wealth grows so do the complexities around managing, preserving and passing on wealth. We can coordinate and manage all your family’s wealth and financial affairs using our customized and integrated planning and investment process that has fostered long-lasting client relationships through multiple market cycles.

                                Investment Management

                                Strategic asset allocation to reduce risk and optimize returns by investing in a variety of uncorrelated assets consistent with each client’s goals, risk tolerance and cash flow needs.

                                Financial Planning

                                Comprehensive strategies aligned with a family’s personalized goals to cover their entire financial world – from retirement and education funding to multiyear cash flow modeling.

                                Estate and Trust Planning

                                Seeks to minimize estate taxes, maximize lifetime charitable advisement and giving, and protect assets for future generations via multigenerational wealth transfer strategies.

                                Personal Financial Management

                                Eliminates the burden of daily financial minutia while handling unique family challenges including wealth concierge services, bill paying, spending and budgeting reports.

                                Tax Planning and Preparation

                                Tax preparation for qualified individuals, families, fiduciaries, foundations and estates, as well as proactive, ongoing tax planning. Also represent clients in tax controversy and residency disputes.

                                Trust Advisory Services

                                Through Citizens Bank, clients have access to corporate trustee services, inclusive of advisory and administration of all trust-related needs, fiduciary support and estate settlement services.

                                Insurance and Asset Protection

                                Protects client assets, income and lifestyle through the proper structuring of asset ownership and insurance strategies. Includes review of legacy policies and life insurance ownership analysis.

                                Deposits and Lending

                                Through Citizens Bank, clients can access traditional private banking services: premium deposit and cash management, mortgages and home equity lines of credit, and securities-based lending solutions.

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